The shoe factory workers began to go to work

On the evening of June 15, qiaodan Sports shoe industry Center, with the roar of intelligent cutting machines, workers are busy orderly production of next season’s sports shoes.

“All the company’s more than 6,000 employees have returned to work, and the production line is running at full capacity.” Wang Biao, general manager of Qiaodan Sports, said that despite the near shutdown in February, the domestic market is gradually picking up as the epidemic situation in China continues to improve and calls for orders continue to increase. The company is confident to recover the losses in the coming months.

Qiaodan sports, a large shoe and apparel company in Jinjiang with sales of nearly 6 billion yuan last year, has led more than 200 companies upstream and downstream to resume production as domestic orders have picked up.
Jinjiang production capacity docking orders more than 1 billion yuan

In June, it was unusually hot; At The Xingde production workshop in Jinjiang’s Wuli industrial park, the heat is hotter than the weather, with more than 700 employees rushing to make regular foreign trade orders while also preparing in advance for orders from local brands.

Jinjiang Xingde Weaving co., a 20-year-old apparel manufacturer that started out as a foreign trade company, has faced the same problem as its peers this year — a decline in traditional foreign trade orders.
“Since the beginning of this year, the volume of foreign trade orders has barely reached half that of the same period last year due to the outbreak, mainly in the European market.” Chen Duan-liang, head of Xingde weaving factory, said rather helplessly that this year should be the biggest “order shortage” that Xingde has encountered since its establishment. At this time of year, it is the peak season for production.

“Domestic brands now account for 20 per cent of the company’s orders and the proportion is rising.” Chen Duanliang said.

It is a new measure that Jinjiang city has taken in recent years to cope with the complicated and changeable global economic and trade situation.

At present, the global economy is still in an unstable state, which makes many export-oriented enterprises feel the pressure. In view of this situation, Jinjiang Party Committee and government timely action, link bridge, encourage leading enterprises “big hand pull small hand”, “root” stay in Jinjiang, facilitate the return of production capacity; Call on leading enterprises and small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises for production capacity docking, and finally achieve the whole industrial chain upgrade.

“We hope to encourage smes to adjust their business models and actively participate in the business of taking orders from local brands by building a production capacity docking platform.” Jinjiang City bureau of Industry and information Technology director Lin Yonghong said.

The effectiveness of production capacity docking is particularly valuable at a time when the global epidemic is breaking out and traditional foreign trade markets are flagging. Data shows that since the beginning of this year, through the activity platform of “capacity docking”, Jinjiang has facilitated many small and medium-sized enterprises to contract for seven brand, Jinba, Liliang, 7wolf, 361° and other local leading enterprises, with the total order amount exceeding 1 billion yuan.

Post time: Jun-23-2020
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